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Gold Nugget

Retrieving a Friction Saver (Cambium Saver)

One of my collegues, Benjamin Skovmose, has engineered a small device, that makes retrieving a Friction Saver (Cambium Saver) from the ground. 
He calls it "Gold Nugget".

Below, I have created a series of images that show the Golden Nugget in use.

If you are interested in the Golden Nugget, please contact Benjamin Skovmose at

Traditional retrieval of a friction saver
The traditional way of retrieving a Cambium Saver, is to make a simple overhand knot in the climbing rope, but frequently the knot gets stuck on the big ring (as shown on the picture), and you have to struggle quite a bit to retrieve it.

The "Gold Nugget"

The Gold Nugget is made from a solid nylon block, and is easily attached to the end of the climbing rope.

The Gold Nugget can be mounted on ropes with diameters ranging from 10 to 13 mm, using various techniques, as seen above. 

Retrieving a Cambium Saver using the Gold Nugget


Retrieving a Cambium Saver using the Gold Nugget is very easy, and there is no tendency for the Gold Nugget to get stuck in the rings.

Naturally, the Cambium Saver may still be retrieved in a controlled manner, by tying a thowline to the rope behind the Gold Nugget.